Workshop "Education in the Digital Age: A Reorientation for Parents"

This FREE workshop is for parents, both the tech savvy and the less technically inclined, who would like to develop family expectations around the use of technology to play, learn and connect.
By David Truss[Blog] [Contact] | Chinese Version 中文

Learning intentions:
  • Examine children’s use of technology
  • Increase awareness of the potential challenges around technology use
  • Learn practical, proactive parenting strategies to maintain connections with children using the media they are using.
  • Learn how to guide children in appropriate and safe interactions on the Internet.
  • Find support and resources to better understand these issues


See Engaging with kids for an outline/handout of the presentation.
This includes important questions to discuss as a family.
Many of these questions are not in the presentation!

Accompanying video resources:

Parent resources:

Digital Parenting
Learn Now BC Cybersafe resources with Steve Dotto:
Brain POP Digital Citizenship Great videos and resources! (Slow to load but worth it!)
Windows Live Family Safety Child log-ins, filters, monitors and contact management
Cybersmartz Wiki by Jennifer Dorman

Take your Good Citizenship Online
Understanding Digital Kids (2).pdf
Belmar Elementary's great internet safety links
iKeepSafe for younger kids

50 Most Commonly Used Text Terms found on Netlingo.
Cyber Safety Cyber Safety videos
Connect Safely

Top Ten Internet Safety Sites by Larry Ferlazzo
Internet Safety
Cybersafety: Identity, Cyberbullying, Predators... see right-hand sidebar

The door that never locks Parent & Teachers Sections with: What's my kid doing? What's normal? Relationships? What do I need to know? What does my kid need to know?
There is NO such thing as ‘Privacy’ on Facebook - A great guide of what to not share on Facebook & other social network sites.
Kiwi Commons - See their Reference Center for information on Bullying, Privacy, Social Media, Predators & Exploitation, Gaming & Addition, and the Internet.

David Truss' Links:

These are bookmark links that I will continually update as I find resources: cybersafety parenting
About me:
Principal's Page & Parents as Partners Page at Dalian Maple Leaf Foreign Nationals School
Personal Blog: Pairadimes For Your Thoughts Contact: David Truss

See Youth Safety on a Living Internet (pdf)- Final Report, June 4, 2010. Referenced in the presentation.

Special Thanks to David Sands: See Much of my presentation came from ideas shared in his presentations. I had the honour of co-presenting with him on an earlier version of these presentations, (see #2 on this link).
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